Here's what we've included in our unique formula – the ONLY supplement which includes all 8 of these natural anxiety-busting ingredients:

GABA: the anti-anxiety neurotransmitter

GABAAlthough there are limits to how much GABA you should take, it can still have powerful anti-anxiety effects. It's safe – it's your brain's own anti-anxiety neurochemical, in exactly the form that your brain uses it. GABA has to be the first ingredient in any anti-anxiety formula!


How GABA can change brain chemistry – and reduce stress

Researchers in Japan gave a dose of 200 mg of GABA to volunteer subjects who suffered from acrophobia (fear of heights), prior to walking over a suspension bridge across a 150-foot canon. (Yikes!)

One study measured anxiety by the level of salivary secretory immunoglobulin A (sIgA) – a salivary marker that increases with relaxation, and decreases with stress. They found that salivary sIgA levels in the control group – those who did not get the GABA – decreased by an average of 35% (more or less as expected), demonstrating that they were indeed very stressed by this experience. On the other hand, those who did get the dose of GABA did not suffer any decrease in their sIgA levels... on the contrary, they actually showed an increase in sIgA once they had completed the crossing.

A second study – using the same bridge but different subjects – measured another salivary stress marker: chromogranin A. (This one increases with adrenal stress.)

In this study, the researchers found that halfway across the bridge, the control subjects – those who did not get the dose of GABA – had a 20% increase in chromogranin A (a sign of increased stress), while the subjects given GABA experienced a 20% decrease in salivary chromogranin A.

To summarise: both studies – using different biological stress markers – showed amazing reduction in stress levels with quite a small dose of GABA for these anxious subjects.


We've included some GABA in our formula (200 mg per capsule – a dose that's optimum for most people).

But that's only the beginning.

We know that too high a dose of GABA is useless – it won't get into your brain. And for some people high doses of GABA can cause unwanted side-effects such as skin-flushing and  sleep problems. So more GABA in our formula was not an option.

To get around this and boost your brain GABA even further – safely and gently – we added:

L-Theanine – GABA booster extraordinaire

L-theanineOne of the most effective natural GABA boosters we know about is L-Theanine – which is found naturally in young tea leaves. (Yes, you could get it from drinking tea. But you'd need to drink 20 cups of tea to get a truly therapeutic dose!)

L-Theanine can cross the blood-brain barrier much more easily than GABA.

It's a smaller molecule, and what's more, it doesn't trigger the same blocking mechanism that slows down GABA uptake.

And it packs a double-whammy: as well as boosting GABA, L-Theanine also seems to be able to reduce the stressful effect of excitatory neurotransmitters such as glutamate.

An extra calming bonus!

Make that a triple-whammy:

L-Theanine is loaded with cognitive enhancing powers too.

One intriguing study on human volunteers given a demanding attention task showed that L-Theanine can increase alpha wave activity specific to the part of the brain used for the task – i.e. it gave them a relaxed but concentrated state of mind so as to do the task better.

L-Theanine also boosts dopamine, which is known as a "feel-good" neurotransmitter. Dopamine is known to help mental focus, so this may be the underlying mechanism for the cognitive boost and that smooth sense of well-being and mental focus that dedicated tea-drinkers enjoy.


L-Theanine reduces physical symptoms of stress too

Japan is the land of green tea, so it should come as no surprise to learn that l-theanine was first discovered in Japan, and has been most thoroughly researched in that country as well.

One small but very thorough study gave 12 volunteers a stressful mental arithmetic test, with or without taking a dose of l-theanine or placebo, under double-blind conditions, at the beginning or midway through the test.

The researchers found that as the pressure of the test increased, the subjects showed increased stress effects, as measured by their heart rate, and a salivary marker. However, taking l-theanine was found to reverse these stress effects, decreasing both heart rate and salivary marker levels.

The researchers analysed heart rate variability, and concluded that these effects seemed to be due to slowing down the sympathetic nervous system activation – a finding that suggested wider stress-relief benefits for l-theanine too.


With all these benefits – and not a single downside – L-Theanine was a must-have ingredient for our formula.

Lemon Balm – for physical and mental relaxation

lemon balmIt turns out that Lemon Balm – a traditional herb with a whole raft of uses – is one of the most effective of all natural anti-anxiety remedies. Not only does it boost GABA, but it also functions as an adaptogen – a natural substance that supports overall stress response.

And like L-Theanine, Lemon Balm has some cognitive enhancement properties as well – quite significant ones, it turns out, improving memory and mental processing speed for both healthy young adults, and for older people suffering cognitive decline.

We looked at Lemon Balm initially for its traditional uses for both physical and mental relaxation, but these extra properties were a bonus we didn't expect... but welcomed!


Lemon balm has proven benefits for anxiety 

In a research study conducted at the San Martino University Hospital in Genoa, Italy, 20 volunteers (6 men, 14 women) who suffered from mild-to-moderate anxiety disorder and sleep disturbance were given an extract of Melissa officinalis (lemon balm) to take daily for 15 days. Their anxiety and sleep were evaluated using standard clinician rating scales, before and after their trial of the lemon balm extract.

The researchers found that 95% of the subjects (19/20) had some benefit from the extract, and 70% (14/20) “achieved full remission for anxiety”, while 85% (17/20) no longer experienced insomnia.

The subjects reported reduced irritability, improved mental and emotional stability, lessening of physical anxiety symptoms, and significant decrease in other anxiety-related symptoms such as “eating problems, feelings of guilt and inferiority, obsessive–compulsive behavior and poor interpersonal relationships.”

The researchers also reported that subjects experienced no sedation or any other negative side-effects during the 15 days of this study.


Adaptogens for support with stress: Ashwagandha, Rhodiola rosea, Holy Basil (Tulsi)

If balancing your neurotransmitters is half the battle against anxiety, then boosting your stress response is the other half.

So we've included these three traditional adaptogenic herbs whose traditional stress-protective benefits are now being confirmed by scientific research. 

Adaptogens are plants which can help balance your response to stress, calming or stimulating as needed. It's almost impossible to over-dose on an adaptogen! (But still, you don't want to take unnecessary amounts of any of these precious plants.) 

And particularly for women: these adaptogens have additional proven benefits for helping with female hormonal balance as well as adrenal & stress support.

Ashwagandha – the Ayurvedic protector against stress and anxiety

Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera) has been called "Indian ginseng" because — like Siberian ginseng — it's an adaptogen with some amazing stress-protective powers.

As well as promoting resilience and capacity to withstand harsh environmental conditions, studies are showing that Ashwagandha is specifically effective in relieving anxiety, both as a one-time dose, and longer term, given over a period of weeks.

One typical study showed that Ashwagandha was just as effective as lorazepam (a benzodiazepine often prescribed for anxiety) in reducing anxiety in a stressful situation.


Ashwagandha helps patients with anxiety disorder

One clinical study gave ashwagandha extract to 20 patients with a diagnosed anxiety disorder, over a period of 6 weeks. Anxiety levels were measured at the start of the 6 week period, again after 2 weeks, and finally at the end of the 6 weeks.

Compared with a control group (19 other patients with a diagnosed anxiety disorder who were given a placebo) the Ashwagandha group showed a significant reduction in anxiety, as measured by a battery of standard anxiety rating scales.

So the benefits of Ashwagandha for anxiety as well as general stress are likely to increase over time, by taking a regular daily supplement.


Ashwagandha has a bonus for women: as well as balancing stress hormones, Ashwagandha can also help to balance female hormones – especially useful for pre-menstrual stress and around menopause, when your hormones can take you on a rough ride and leave you particularly vulnerable to stress and anxiety.

Rhodiola rosea – stress support from Siberia

rhodiola roseaRhodiola rosea is another adaptogen that has a long and venerable history of boosting endurance and protecting against stress – all the way from the Arctic Circle. And its traditional powers are now being validated by scientific studies.



Rhodiola rosea helps students do better during exam time 

One study looked at a group of students given a regular dose of Rhodiola rosea for 20 days during their exam period. Compared with a similar group given a placebo, the students given Rhodiola showed reduced physical and mental fatigue, better mental performance, and a greater sense of well-being.

Military cadets cope better with military night work

Another study gave Rhodiola to 121 military cadets doing military night work - a stressful and exhausting occupation. Compared with a group given a placebo, the Rhodiola group again showed reduced fatigue and better mental performance.

NB  This study examined the effects of two different dosage levels of Rhodiola, and found that there was no significant benefit from the higher dose… once again, we see that adaptogens can be extremely potent in low doses, but higher doses give no extra benefit.

Hospital physicians on night duty perform better

And a further interesting study gave Rhodiola to hospital physicians on night duty, again with reduced fatigue and better cognitive performance over the two week period of this trial.


These studies show fairly consistent benefits for Rhodiola in helping people in stressful performance situations cope better, and perform better. But what about those already suffering from stress and anxiety?

Yes, the results are in… Rhodiola rosea gives relief to people suffering from clinical stress symptoms as well.


Rhodiola relieves stress

A recent study gave Rhodiola extract to patients presenting with high levels of life and work stress, and found that their self-reported stress levels, mood and general functioning (as measured by a standard battery of rating scales and questionnaires) improved significantly over 4 weeks of taking the Rhodiola rosea extract.


As well as protection against stress and improvement in stress-related fatigue and other symptoms, rhodiola seems to have a serotonin boosting effect

Now, we've deliberately not included any of the well-known serotonin boosters in JOY. We believe that serotonin boosting supplements should be taken independently of anxiety/stress relief supplements, even though many people suffer from symptoms of anxiety and depression at the same time.

However, rhodiola rosea is different.

Adaptogenic serotonin regulation 

Because rhodiola functions primarily as an adaptogen, it doesn't just boost serotonin automatically, but seems to normalise brain levels when serotonin is low. (This may account for the common reports of enhanced well-being by those taking rhodiola.)

Women are particularly vulnerable to low serotonin levels when under stress

So rhodiola has been included in our formula as a double-whammy: helping to protect against stress and enhance serotonin at the same time.

Helps control stress eating too

Another thing we liked about rhodiola for a women's formula: it's been shown to help reduce stress-related binge eating. And what's not to like about that???

(Rhodiola is not a weight loss aid or general appetite suppressant – this effect is just for stress-related binge-eating. In fact, if you've found that stress takes away your appetite, rhodiola has been found to help with that as well.)

Holy Basil (Tulsi) – Stress moderator from ancient India

holy basilTulsi, or Holy Basil (scientific name: Ocimum sanctum), has a long history in India as a sacred and medicinal plant. In Ayurvedic medicine it's known as a powerful adaptogen that can moderate the effects of stress.

In the Hindu tradition, Tulsi is considered sacred to the Goddess Lakshmi, the goddess of prosperity, beauty and good fortune, and traditionally every Hindu home and temple would have its own Tulsi plant.

Though it's powerful, its effects are gentle, and its history as well as modern scientific investigation indicate that it is safe and effective.

Recent studies in India have shown in both animal and human studies that active extracts of Holy Basil are able to significantly reduce corticosteroid blood levels which have been elevated from stress - confirming the use of Holy Basil as an adaptogen.


Stress symptoms improve

One study in Lucknow in India followed 158 patients who showed 3 or more symptoms of stress. The patients were assigned to one of two groups, getting either a placebo or an extract of Holy Basil for 6 weeks. Those patients taking Holy Basil extract were found to show significant improvement in their stress symptoms, as measured by standard rating scales.

Study: Holy Basil reduces anxiety in patients with General Anxiety Disorder

Another study in a clinical hospital setting looked at the results of giving 500 mg of Holy Basil  twice daily over 60 days to a group of patients diagnosed with General Anxiety Disorder . While this was a small study and there was no placebo control group, the results were very promising, with reduced anxiety levels (as measured by the Hamilton Brief Psychiatric Rating Scale) and also reduced feelings of stress and depression reported by these patients.



Helps stress-related sugar cravings too!

As well as its beneficial effects for stress, Holy Basil is known to reduce and stabilise blood sugar levels (which tend to be elevated during stress and can lead to rebound sugar cravings). Overall, it's a great natural remedy to help with adrenal fatigue and other stress fatigue conditions.

Altogether, both its history and its science make Holy Basil a natural choice for our final adaptogen ingredient.

Magnesium – the missing link for GABA boosting

magnesium malateThese days most of us are aware of magnesium as a mineral essential to our health. It's required for muscle relaxation (low magnesium is one of the causes of muscle cramps) and for healthy brain and nervous system functioning.

And there are a host of other biochemical processes (over 300 that we know of) that require magnesium. So it's important to make sure you get enough magnesium – and because of depleted soils these days, just about everyone is deficient. (It's estimated that up to 80% of women and 70% of men have some form of magnesium deficiency.)

Under stress (and that includes even normal exercise) your body loses magnesium faster than normal, and that process escalates as you get older. If you're a woman in her thirties or forties, living a “normal” stressful western lifestyle, I can just about guarantee you are magnesium deficient. And if you're in your fifties or sixties, ditto and double!

We know extra magnesium can help reduce anxiety and stress, just because of its help with general relaxation and healthy nerve function. And there is some evidence from controlled research studies in rats (supporting clinical observations for humans) that low magnesium levels do lead to symptoms of anxiety and depression.

But the main reason we include magnesium is that it's needed for the GABA pathways to work.

You see, when GABA is released by a neuron, it acts as a messenger carrying the nerve impulse across the synapse to the next nerve cell. When a GABA molecule reaches its destination, it binds to a GABA channel receptor, which changes shape slightly and allows negatively charged chloride ions to enter the cell – which calms down the nerve activity. But this only works if magnesium is present...

We believe (from what the research shows us) that extra magnesium should be included with every brain boosting supplement. And it needs to be a form of magnesium that is highly bio-available. (Many mood supplements that do include magnesium use magnesium oxide, which is the cheapest form of magnesium but the least well absorbed, and can lead to gastric upset as well.)

Magnesium malate is our preferred form of magnesium – it's one of the recommended chelated forms of magnesium, highly bio-available and well absorbed. And a bonus that you might appreciate: the malate part of the molecule has been found to be useful for fibromyalgia sufferers as well, giving extra support to restoring energy and reducing pain.

Yes, magnesium needs to be included in a GABA boosting supplement. But it needs something else to work properly – vitamin B6.

Vitamin B6 – needed for healthy GABA production

Like magnesium, vitamin B6 plays a vital part in a long list of biochemical processes in your body. But the most important of these are in your brain, where B6 is needed for the synthesis of five different neurotransmitters: serotonin, dopamine, epinephrine, norepinephrine – and GABA.

It works like this:

GABA is synthesised in your brain from glucose, or glutamine. But both glucose and glutamine are also precursors for glutamate, which is an excitatory neurotransmitter. If everything is balanced and functioning properly, your brain will naturally regulate the amounts of GABA and glutamate by converting one to the other. But if you don't have enough B6, your brain can't produce GABA – and so glutamate takes over. For someone prone to anxiety, that's a disaster waiting to happen!

This is so important that we believe Vitamin B6, like magnesium, should be included in every brain boosting supplement.

These 8 ingredients are all included in JOY,  in a synergistic formula that will give better results than any of those ingredients individually.


And just as important as what we INCLUDE, is what we LEAVE OUT:  JOY  includes NO sedating ingredients such as valerian, hops, passionflower, l-tryptophan, 5-HTP. We promise you that JOY won't leave you with any brain fog, not even a little bit.

This formula worked for me – and now you can have it too.

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I'm super-proud of this formula, because I know how effective these ingredients can be – and I've experienced the benefits myself. So here is my guarantee to you:

If you're not 100% satisfied with JOY,  we'll refund every cent you paid, less shipping. And just as I did – as your anxiety drops away – you may find that:

  • your general health and wellbeing improve as your sleep returns to normal...
  • you do better at work and find yourself in line for promotion or another dream job...
  • your financial situation improves because you are more focused at work, and better able to plan your finances, and take less time off work because of stress...
  • your relationships improve because you are more relaxed and more fun to be with...

Get ready to enjoy life again!

A formula with 8 high quality ingredients isn't cheap

But look at it this way: how much does anxiety and stress cost you?

  • What about the loss of income when you have to take time off because of stress-related problems?
  • What about the loss of income because you've been passed over for promotion because you are not performing at top capacity?
  • What about medical costs, or the costs of psychological treatment?
  • And what about the non-monetary costs of anxiety: the loss of self-esteem from failing an exam or big challenge or promotion?
  • What about the damage to your relationships because you are stressed-out and not-so-fun to be with?
  • What about the cost to your general well-being because you are dragged down by feelings of dread, lack of sleep, and continual worry thoughts?

What's more, if you were to purchase all of these ingredients individually the cost would be much, much higher – and that's assuming you want to go to the trouble of tracking down each ingredient, order it, and take the 8 different tablets or capsules each time you needed some anxiety relief.

There are other anti-anxiety products out there, of course. For over 5 years, I researched them myself. Most of them are loaded with sedating compounds such as valerian, hops, passionflower, l-trypyophan and 5-HTP (I don't know about you, but I know for myself that an anxiety remedy that leaves me groggy and unable to think is not an experience I want to repeat!)

And the ones that do include effective (and more expensive) anti-anxiety ingredients such as l-theanine only have undisclosed (read: "minuscule") quantities.

Believe me, there's no other product on the market that includes the same 8 power-packed non-sedating ingredients that you'll get with JOY ... this is a truly unique formula.

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